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Hygiene Reciprocal Licensure
H.3880: An Act Relative to Reciprocal Hygiene Licensure

This bill will allow dentists licensed in other countries to be eligible for a Massachusetts hygiene license.

There is a shortage of dental hygienists in our state. This is an ACCESS TO CARE ISSUE for dental patients who need preventive dental care because dentists cannot find hygienists to see these patients. If patients cannot be seen in a timely manner, this will lead to serious and preventable tooth pain and infection.

Hygienists provide important preventative care which allows for early detection of dental disease and averts more serious disease and complications.

Dentists are now doing the job of hygienists due to the labor shortage. They now have less time for the complex and important procedures for which they have trained. 

Out-of-state and foreign trained dentists are highly skilled and are more than capable of helping with this public health issue. Only bureaucracy prevents them from being eligible for licensure. This bill will help cut through the barriers that prevent them from helping those in our state that need care. 

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