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Calling All Dentists - We Need You! Join the organization that has your back!

Hi, I'm Jill Tanzi, president of the Alliance of Independent Dentists and I'm Kristine Grazioso, vice president of the Alliance. Today we're here to appeal to you to become members of this important organization. We have also lobbied hard to prevent having dental therapists in our state. We also were the first group to support question 2. Join us today to have a strong voice on Beacon Hill. We want to represent all the independent dentists in Massachusetts. Click on the link in this email today. You won't regret it!”

As the number of private-equity-owned dental practices increases in our state, we need a dental organization to advocate for independent, small business-owned dentists. Since 2017, the Alliance of Independent Dentists has been working with legislators on Beacon Hill. We currently have an Assignment of Benefits bill and a Consumer Protection bill that are cosponsored in the House and Senate with bipartisan support.

The Alliance also sponsors CE events to make our practices stronger and able to compete with corporate dentistry. We also have a business club for new business owners to ask seasoned dental office owners questions. Many of us also serve as mentors for new dentists.

Join today and know that someone has your back!

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